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Dog Multivitamin - 1lb

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    • FOR DOGS DAILY HEALTH: Wholistic Canine Complete is a super-premium dog food supplement loaded with multivitamins for dogs and a key source of healthy protein; the all-in-one whole food supplement contains vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants
    • SEE THE RESULTS: This daily dog vitamin powder features many organic ingredients, is easily digestible when mixed into food, and is ideal for dogs of all ages; Wholistic Canine Complete is designed for your pets long-term health with most owners noticing a distinct improvement in the appearance of their pets in just a few weeks
    • RESTORE YOUR PETS GUT HEALTH: Wholistic Canine Complete has no fillers, synthetics, GMOs, or artificial flavoring, only natural ingredients chosen for a healthy, normal functioning digestive system; it may also help regulate normal immune function, eliminate damaging free radicals, alleviate allergy symptoms, and promote normal cell, tissue and organ function

    Customer Reviews

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    John Laden
    Dogs like it

    This stuff is great! My dogs love it and it makes a great topping on raw chicken breast. A lot of dogs who only eat raw food sometimes suffer from nutrition deficiencies, but this stuff along with some coconut oil keeps their coats shiny and their bodies healthy.

    Great product if you home cook for your dogs

    If you are feeding raw or slightly cooking for your dogs, this is a great source of vitamins and essential nutrients that is missing from home cooked dog diets. I like that it's organic and doesn't have unnecessary additives.

    Great Results !

    I wanted to boost my dog’s nutrients and found this. I mostly cook for my 11 year old girl and wanted to make sure she was getting all she needed . She is doing so good, her eyes are beautiful and bright and she is full of energy !

    Alecia Thompson
    Product worked well for us!

    My Doberman has horrible dry flaking skin. I took him to the vet due to it becoming worse and worse. Vet stated most likely due to dry food. Any food change makes him vomit and have diarrhea for days. We opted for fish oil caps and coconut oil to add more moisture to his diet. This did nothing. I researched this product and decided to try it for the added vitamins he may be missing. Well, I am glad I did. I have NOT seen his skin this healthy looking for quite some time. I do mix it in with coconut oil since my boy likes that so much. No more pet dander. He is soft again and has cut down on his odor.

    Dogs love it! I add it to home made dog ...

    Dogs love it! I add it to home made dog foood that my vet reccomends I make: 1/3 meat, 1/3 vegetables and 1/3 beans or lentils. the dogs are happy, have healthy, shiney hair and have pleanty of energy. No health problems or allergies.

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