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4L Automatic Pet Feeder

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    • Schedule meal times:  Scheduling meals develop good behavior and eating habits! You can set 1-5 meals per day and up to 40 portions of dry food per meal depending on your pet's needs. This automatic cat feeder programming is user-friendly and only needs to be set up once.
    • Capacity & quality material:  4L is suitable for small to medium size pets and multi-pet families. Our pet feeders are made of easy-to-clean food-grade materials. In addition, a vet-recommended stainless steel bowl is included in the set.
    • Ensures freshness:  The automatic dog feeder contains 2 desiccant bags and a secure twist-lock lid that not only keeps the food fresh but also prevents your pet from accessing stored food.
    • Dual power supply:  Power supply or batteries (3x D) are used. We recommend using the two together in case of power outages. The pet food dispenser runs with a memory function, so there is no need to reset the feeding schedule if power is lost.
    • Record customizable messages:  Record up to 30 seconds of personalized audio to call your pets to eat! Your voice will make your pet feel your love even when you're not at home.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Works well and our cat can't try to use her paw to get more food out.

    Works well, the setup and instructions aren't as difficult as some reviews claim.

    Matt Arnis
    Works Great

    Works great. I use it for our outdoor cats. I built a wooden box to protect it from skunks and raccoons.Very happy with the product.

    Great Auto Feeder

    Other reviews gave me fair warning on programming, so it went smoothly. I use the voice option and my kitty goes flying to the laundry room for her meals. Have had for several weeks & has worked great!!

    Brittany Wypasek
    Love it

    I had to play around with it to figure it out and have the right portion size. But once you figure it out, it’s easy to use

    Great product

    Great product. 5 meals. The conversion was tricky. My girl only eats 1/8TH cup 4x daily. 1/8th cup = 3 on this machine. 24 hour format. Easy to program!

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