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2700Pa Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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  • GYROSCOPE SMART NAVIGATION Robot Vacuum Cleaner with mapping will clean your home more thoroughly following an efficient Zig-zag path when compared to random path robotic vacuums
  • 2700PA SUPER-STRONG SUCTION The advanced 3-point cleaning system lifts embedded dust and hair with ease and delivers a perfect cleaning performance to medium-pile carpet and hardwood floor
  • SELF-RECHARGINGG7000 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner will back to Charging Station automatically once Battery is Low
  • SUPER-QUIET & ULTRA-THIN This Robotic Vacuum Cleaner can provide you with a quiet environment of less than 60dB, a super-slim design (only 2.99) allows for cleaning under low-lying furniture with ease
  • CARPET BOOST This Robot Vacuum Cleaner can automatically increase 3x suction power on carpet to provide deeper cleaning.
  • BOUNDARY STRIPS INCLUDED Boundary Strips can set blocked-off areas which the robotic vacuum won't clean

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Xiaoyan Wu
I'm very happy with Tikom robot vaccum cleaner

Today I opened the box of Tikom robot vaccum cleaner, and gave it a try. It was very easy to get started, and the battery fully charged quickly. I was amazed by how thoroughly it navigated and covered my entire master bedroom, the suction was powerful, and the carpet was very well cleaned. I like the way how easy the dirt compartment can be removed from the machine body and be cleaned up.This was the first robot vaccum I have tried in years after my previous one (of a well known brand) had stopped working after just a few time uses. I have a gut feeling this one will perform better and last longer!

Very pleased with this little helper, great deal too

I had been using this robot vacuum for about 2 weeks and I am so pleasantly surprised. I really like this one because it really helps me clean every corner of my house. I had never use other robot vacuum before so can't compare but this one gets the job done. Two features i like most are 1. it goes straight line not randomly, and you can check the map on the app to see which areas had been cleaned or not. 2. for those hard to reach places like under the sofa and bed etc. this is the most convenient and thorough way to get them cleaned. Every time the dust bin is full. One last tip here is do remember to use the included wire tie to tie phone charge on the floor.

Great product

This robot vacuum cleaner does effective job of cleaning the floors and carpet. It is amazing to see my under-bed cleanliness now. The battery seems good enough to clean two standard bedrooms. The manual says recharging takes about 6 hrs. I feel it is less than that after first use. I love everything can be controlled through the companion app. The only complaint is that it runs a little loud with max setting operation. However my old iRobot wasn't that quieter.

Joshua Y
Surprising Good!!!

Very efficient robot vacuum. Better than the two I previously had. First, this robot is smart, it can avoid obstacles and not like others, stuck everywhere, which means you can confidently leave the house and let the little guy does the job. Second, it cleans very well with strong suction power but low noise level, my cats doesn’t mind the vacuum working around them.

Smart vacuum

Really like this cleaner, we even gave it a name " Dusty". It can avoid curtains, quiet and is smart enough to turn around in all the direction in the room. Only improvement is for a longer battery life after a charge, the battery drains very quickly, but the vacuum knows when to charge itself when it needs to. This vacuum makes it very convenient for me to do other things while the vacuum runs.

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