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2.8L Automatic Pet Feeder

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    • Feed from your phone! 
    • Personalized Pet Feeding: Meals can be dispensed from 1 portion to 10 portions. Set meal plan, feed anytime
    • DUO FRESH LOCK SYSTEM: Keep the food dry and fresh.
    • Weight Sensor: You'll get notices when the food bucket is in a low condition, and an alert when empty
    • Optional battery backup
    • 2.8L


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Very helpful for monitoring portion size and feeding schedule.

    Since purchasing this product it has been nothing but helpful. I used to have a hard time keeping a consistent feeding schedule due to my school/work schedule, and this has eliminated that issue. The app is very convenient as well because it allows you to feed your cat(s) exactly when you want to and exactly how much you want to. The app alerts you when it has dispensed food, but also alerts you when it was unable to dispense food so that you can adjust/remedy it. Usually it alerts you when it is out of food or when the food gets stuck and blocks the door from closing. That perhaps is my only dislike about this product--the food often builds up under the door so you have to move the piled food so that it can close. In general, however, this has been so helpful for me because before owning this product, my cat had an irregular eating schedule which would make her eat anything and everything in any quantity. Now I can give her a healthy portion size of food and distribute the dispensing times so that she gets the food when she needs it!

    Kacey Nordby
    Happy kitty

    Works great! It’s a good size not too big where it looks bulky! We went on vacation and could monitor and make sure everything was working properly even when we had bad service . I really like that you can add your food brand and the app will calculate based off your cats information how much you should be feeding them and the total grams of food they are getting . Would recommend!

    Greg S
    Great feeder and amazing customer support

    We got this feeder to keep our cat fed while we are away on travel. Having an app gives us peace of mind that the cat has been fed and the dual power system removes any concern that a power outage will lead to a hungry kitty. The unit was easy to set up by following the included instruction booklet. You enter in your wifi network and password, connect to the feeder's temporary wifi network, and everything starts working. The app is very easy to use and is great about warning you if there are any problems with the feeder (low/out of food, batteries low). Our cat comes running as soon as she hears the little door open. We thought she might be afraid, but the reward of food quickly got her comfortable with the feeder. Overall, I highly recommend this product.I had a couple questions with the feeder, so I reached out to PETKIT support via email. They responded very quickly--even on a Saturday--and were unbelievably helpful.

    Jimmy Chiu
    Good and solid automatic feeder

    I have this running for couple weeks now. It is smarter than I thought. It reminds you when the food is running now. It reminds you to change the silica gel pack every 30 days. It notifies you every time it dispenses food. Battery level notification etc. Highly customization portion sizes as well as frequency. The food tray is magnetic clipped on, so you can wash the tray and snap it back in easily.

    Quilt Mom
    Cat's waiting for the food to drop

    This auto feeder is wonderful. I had another brand that was complicated and difficult to change the portioning. This feeder has lots of choices of portion size and I can schedule them as often as I want, all from my smart phone. It is also very easy to clean and the food compartment has a gasket to keep the food fresh. My cat has learned the feeding times and now goes and sits in front of it about 5 to 10 minutes before the food drops. It's really cute. I highly recommend this feeder.

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