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Dog Training Collar with 1000FT Range

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  • 3 Training Modes
  • Waterproof Receiver
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Remote Control
  • Nylon Belt


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Best Training Collar

This collar gets the job done! My dog did not respond very well to my other training collar, it was always hit or miss, after receiving this collar I had my doubts but boy was I wrong. The first day of use I trained my dog not to go pass the gate in our back yard, It only took maybe 15 minutes, now he does not pass the gate unless he is invited. I also trained him "Heel" which he does very well now. This is by far the best training collar out there. My old collars controller was so confusing, you had to press one button to cycle through the modes (vibrate, beep, shock). For the most part I prefer to use the vibrate mode and with the old controller I would accidentally shock my poor dog, he responds with vibrate pretty well. The old collar would sometimes not work at all even though I had just charged it. This collar works flawlessly. It only takes two hours to fully charge and lasts a good 4 hours!!!! I only use the shock mode to correct bad behavior and with this controller the buttons are seperated and I do not have to cycle thru modes to get to it, I can instantly correct his behavior when I see it. with the old collar too much time would go by before i figured out which mode it was on and this is not good when you are training a puppy, timing is extremely important!! and best of all, the price! the quality is great, its very durable and waterproof. In my opinion this is a professional grade training collar and all for under $40... I did have my doubts about the shock level because its only maxed out at 16 where as my older collar maxed out at 100. Well at 4 my dog responds immediately with the old collar i had to put it at 75 just to get him to look at me. I say it again, GET THIS COLLAR.. You will not regret it.

Works perfectly

I have a Brittany hunting dog and we've been training with this collar. I thought my dog was an idiot until I used the vibrate and beep function of this collar. The whole time she knew the commands, she was just ignoring me. This collar let me ditch the leash. Miraculous. Battery life is great, easy to recharge. Works great even when she's been in the cooling pool. There is a very mild setting for shocking which you should only have to use a handful of times before they react to the other functions and you don't have to use the shock setting again. If you have to use it all the time, the problem is you and you should rehome your dog and get a cat.

Crystal Voegeli
Saved our dogs life

This product is AMAZING! We have a 2 year old Boxer that jumps our fence every time she goes outside. I have had to use one of those steaks in the ground with the long leash for so long. It gets caught around everything and is super annoying. So I finally bought this. The first time we put it in she jumped. I did the sound, then the vibrate and then had to use the shock. She cane right back. I felt so bad but it saved her life from getting hit by a car. About a week or so later Shaw jumped again. My husband did the same things I did (sound, vibration and then shock). She cane back. So about a week ago I was talking to a neighbor in the front yard and she jumped again. I just looked at her and she came right back. It has definitely taught her and we only had to use twice! I have used the sound as a warning when she won’t come back inside and she knew what she was supposed to do. Hopefully we don’t even have to use the shock ever again. Basically it saved her life. She would have gotten hit by a car eventually and I'm so glad we found this!!

P. Wilson
Better than the competition

Before purchasing this collar we borrowed a different one from a friend. That one worked fine, but there were some caveats with it. For instance, the same button was used for sound, vibration, and shock, you just toggled with a mode button. But to get the transmitter to wake up, you have to press the mode button, and sometimes that changes your setting. We accidentally shocked our dog because of this, and it was a bummer. The Patpet has a single button for each function, with the vibration trigger at the top, right where we want it. Also appreciate that you can power off the Patpet collar, which is not the case with our borrowed collar. Can't think of any way to improve on the Patpet.

Has done wonders for my dog!!

I purchased this after taking in a 10 month old puppy that had an issue of eating dog poop. Not only his, but my little dogs as well. I was desperate to try and break this habit, but nothing was working. So I decided on a whim to try this, and it has changed everything! It took about a week, but he does not eat any poop at all anymore, in fact he doesn’t even go to smell it. He avoids it at all costs. What’s even better is that I have only used the actual shock button about 3 times in about a month of having this. Mostly because the vibration function has been insanely effective and more than enough to break his habit. The other reason is because while the shock function does work it has to be put perfectly on to make contact and be effective. Which can be hard with fur. I read that you can shave a patch of hair to help, but I was not interested in doing this since the vibration was all we needed. I am happy to say that he’s able to go outside without a collar now and still not go after poop which is 100% a win in my book. Best purchase I have made for him!

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