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1080P Wireless Pet Camera

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    • Fast Pan/Tilt and True 1080P HD IR Night Vision: Our home camera comes with 355 Pan /110 Tilt rotation lens and 110 wide angles give you 360 panoramic shooting without blind area. An indoor Camera can as a monitor to protect your baby, pet, elder full day. The camera provides amazing 1080P Full HD video quality and IR night vision distance up to 32 ft in the dark to make sure that capture all the details for your house or office security all day effectively.
    • Two-Way Audio for Real-Time Communicating and Easy to Setup: Indoor WiFi camera built-in noise cancellation technologies on mic and speaker. While live streaming, it can provide sharp clear voice and conversations quality. No matter where you go, you can share the joy with your kids or interacting with your pets via the app. A home security camera can be set up quickly via 2.4GHz WiFi(Not 5G), simple and clear prompts in-app scree assist you in operation. (SD card slot is located below the lens)
    • Smart Motion Tracking and Active Alert: Once the moving object is detected, the Smart camera will active real-time tracking. Alert notifications will be sent to your phone immediately and record a 6-second video to the cloud. The sensitivity of the detection can adjust any values to ensure that you are not bothered by frequent alerts. Allow notifications to be turned off on your phone setting to avoid message interruptions. (Need to plug into the outlet.)

    Customer Reviews

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    THE Buyer
    Overall a good value to be had

    This is my first security camera and I spent quite a few hours browsing on for reviews on many different candidates. My target price is on the low side since I liked to test the water first and go through everything for a first hand experience on how a security camera is supposed to work. After a few days playing with it, I can say overall all, for its price, this can be a nice first time security camera for many buyers. Below is what I think of the camera.First, you can turn it side to side for almost 360 degrees and up and down for about 110 degrees I believe, all from your smart phone. This becomes quite important if the camera location can't cover the whole area you like to monitor.The App on my Android phone is easy to use, and it takes about a minute to add one camera to the App. It beeps shortly after you connect the USB power cord to the back while turning side to side and activating itself. You follow the instructions from the App and the App will generate a QR code on the phone screen so you can let the camera scan it in order to connect to your Wi-Fi network. Usually it connects in a few seconds and another few seconds later you can see this camera in the App. Then you can turn it on or off from the App, set it up for motion or sound detection. One thing I didn't know before purchasing this camera is, the App can only notify you of any motion or sound detection every 5-6 mins at the shortest, or every 10-11 minutes at the longest. So this may be the biggest difference between this type of camera and the full on CCTV systems where you will have a few higher spec cameras and a recording device which continuously record what the cameras are monitoring. Of course those will cost many many times more and it also requires a professional installation and occasional maintenance. I believe a low priced security camera such as this one I bought is meant to be an extra security device that can expand your security monitoring boundary. It will record a 6 seconds video when it detects motion or sound (you can set the noise level of detection). It's only 6 seconds because for longer recording you will need to pay a subscription fee. For me personally this is enough, barely, because now I can see for at least 6 seconds of what's going on when detection is triggered, which for me is almost all because of bugs flying in front of the camera at night time where night vision is activated so the camera can still monitor in the dark. This is a nice add on to my whole house security monitoring service I've had for the past 30 years. Plus, you won't even need a Micro SD memory card if you are not going to record continuously to the memory card, which I don't. You can also save any 6-second recording to your phone if need be. Overall all, from the value perspective I can give it a 5 stars rating if I am being a little generous. But realistically I am not expecting too much from this camera due to its low price. Yeah sometimes the camera reacts a bit laggy but it has a lot to do with the Wi-Fi signal strength so don't put it too far away from your router and expect speedy response. Same thing with the image quality. But for what it can do I am glad I have one now, and I also have their outdoor version which works identically to the indoor version. So my review is based on both cameras in the last couple weeks or so. Plus, the seller is pretty good at taking care of you if the camera runs into any problem or needs replacing. Now let's see how long it can keep on working for me.

    Kathryn Calt
    Fantastic Camera

    Great camera for a great price! We were looking for a camera to keep an eye on our puppy while she is in her crate while we are I and out of the house! I stumbled upon this one and tell everyone I know about it! The quality is amazing and beyond the purchase of the camera it costs nothing! There is a free app which will save 6 sec vid clips when motion is detected, there is an option to purchase a larger storage which saves the entire motion clip but I haven鈥檛 needed to! There is an option the will allow the app to notify you when motion is detected! I love the option of two way talk, that was important to me in the event I needed to talk to her to calm her down!

    Amanda B.
    Peace of Mind

    The first camera I received worked great the first day, then switching back from night vision the second morning, something went wrong. It was bright pink where the light shone in the room. I attempted to contact the seller and went back and forth for about a week trying to resolve the problem. Anyway I was tired of going that route so I contacted instead and received a new camera the next day, which has worked perfectly. Lesson learned - just go to first.Onto the camera review:It's great! I got it while it was on sale as a Lightning Deal, under $25 and it is worth every bit of the money to me. I use it to keep an eye on the kids when they're napping. I don't buy the cloud storage, it serves it's purpose for me just fine in real time. The picture quality is fine live, for some reason when I do save pictures or videos, the quality turns up better when I view them. The speaker is very loud when I talk through the app. I actually do love that I view the feed through an app - I can see it even when I am away from home with no wifi. While at home, the camera won't connect to the "5G" version of my Spectrum wifi, I have to use the other option that does not say 5G.I have a white noise machine going in the kids' room which is very loud and kind of drowns the kids out if I try to hear them speaking. Not a flaw, just an observation. App is easy, sets up in less than 5 minutes, I can see all over the room which is awesome. It looks like it would be quite simple to conceal if you needed to go that route. I would definitely buy more if I needed them, even at full price it's still a steal for what it does and the peace of mind it brings me!

    Great affordable security camera

    Bought this camera to watch my kids since they are at home doing distance learning with their grandparents during the day. I use it to make sure they are doing their school work and not playing around while I'm at work. Picture quality is great and it was easy to use and set up. It was very affordable compared to other models out there and I will probably purchase another for another room in the house. My only complaint is I wish the there was more of a fish eye lense so I could catch more of the room without moving the camera but that's minor however it is a smaller area coverage than another brand I bought for my grandma's house. I would buy again.

    Great value

    Just received my camera / monitor and so far so good! I love that it has night vision, great clarity, can connect to multiple devices so I can watch my baby sleep either on my phone or my tablet. The sound is good, it adjusts the picture as needed. I love that I can move the camera up and down from the app. Perfect for a wiggly sleeping baby.Also, cost effective. Much more affordable solution to needing a new baby monitor.

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