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GPS Tracking Collar - 9 Mile Range

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    • 9-MILE RANGE: This PATHFINDER is built with a GPS e-collar and can be used concurrently with Google Maps in normal, terrain, and satellite view mode. It also has a range of nine miles, a tracking mode, and a two-second GPS update rate. A variety of map options, such as Offline Maps mode, are used to track your dog. The Offline Maps mode is completely free to download, has no hidden or extra fees, and can be downloaded via the PATHFINDER app.
    • NO CORRECTION: Dogtras PATHFINDER TRX tracking collar does not come with any correction and provides easy location sharing for dogs and dog owners. It's fully waterproof and the most accurate and responsive way to track your dog without using any correction reinforcement training.
    • UKC, AKC, and PKC APPROVED: This tracking collar is perfect for any working, hunting, or competitive situations and is approved for UKC, AKC, and PKC events because there is no correction output on this GPS-only tracking collar.
    • TRACKING: The PATHFINDER TRX provides a fast, industry-leading two-second update rate and powerful zoom capability which provides greater live-action detail and accuracy in the field via the PATHFINDER app. Create customizable Geo-Fence alerts, use the Offline Maps mode, and more with this essential tracking collar
    • DOG SIZING: This tracking collar is perfect for dogs that are 35 lbs. or more. With the ability to expand to 21 dogs, you'll be able to track multiple dogs at once while out on the hunt.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Rick MacKenzie
    Great product

    Works better than expected

    Good quality with reliable tracking.

    Located in Canada, I was looking for a device that we could use for hiking in thick backcountry and out of service ranges.Overall I’m quite impressed with this product- no cell service needed, 9 mile radius so I haven’t had an issue with distance connecting even through dense bush, constantly tracking with 2 second updates. It also alerts me if the dogs are barking, and gives me the compass direction for where they’re at, and if they are running, walking, or standing still. And the battery life on the actual collars is amazing, I haven’t charged them since I first got them months ago. We’ve also tested the water resistance - as my dogs are often in snow and sleet, causing no issues for the collars. Biggest downside we’ve found is that it drains my cell battery quite quickly, and the only way to save trails done is to actively record the trip, which further drains the battery. So I’m not sure how feasible it is for multi-day hiking trips, without taking an external charge pack.

    Works great for us

    I bought this collar because I have a very high energy dog. She loves to run and is happier (and so are we) when she has run off some of that energy. I needed to know where she was when she disappeared from sight when running off leash in the woods behind our home. She is an Irish Setter and has a high prey drive. We have lots of types of game in the woods and she will chase anything. She also competes in AKC Hunt Tests so it was important she be able to wear the collar in competition. The collar was easy to set up on both my husband's phone and mine so either of us can track her when we walk. It was more expensive than some but I needed one that she could wear in the pond. She had no trouble adapting to the collar and now associates it with having fun. It does drain the battery on the phone but since we are only out an hour of so it does not run out. The battery in the collar has not required a recharge since we got the collar so I am happy with that too.

    Works great, worth the money

    The best price found on with this quality. Gps very accurate, water proof, and long battery life! Finally we can let our hound roam free and we are worry free, because we can always figure out where he is. Expandable to 21 dogs, all you need to do is to buy extra collars.

    Great product...

    Love this...

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