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Cosequin Maximum Strength Joint Supplement -132 Count

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    • Your veterinarian may suggest Cosequin supplements if your dog is having difficulties climbing stairs, jumping into the car, or going for walks
    • Cosequin supplements are formulated to meet a variety of needs
    • Cosequin for dogs is available in a tasty chicken-flavored chewable tablet to help your dog maintain healthy joints and support joint mobility

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    I love this product. Never buy the cheap stuff!

    I didn't think this would actually make a difference at all. When my pitbull was 3 years old (now 6.5 years), he was limp after an intense fetch session. I bought this just to give it a shot and it has made a HUGE difference -- no more limping just from running. I buy this for all of my friends and family (... with a dog of course) to try out and it has made a noticeable difference for nearly all of them. To top it off, they all love it so it's easy to give at the end of the day, my pitbull waits by his cabinet every night waiting for his.My sister bought the cheapest glucosamine for her dogs and they ended up getting sick from it. DON'T CHEAP OUT!

    Works Great for My Mastiff Mix

    I have a 110lb mastiff mix who often limped for no apparent reason. Started at 1-2 yrs old. A vet visit did not find any visible problem. Bought the Cosequin and started him off with 2 a day then tapered down to one a day. He no longer limps. He is now 8 yrs old and still going strong. Will keep him on this for life.

    I'm a believer!

    I have a 5 month old Great Dane puppy and we had a pretty major ice storm toward the beginning of January. Our back yard was covered in a sheet of ice, and our Dane (who was 3.5 months at the time) slipped on the ice pretty good running out our door and hurt her right hind leg. We got her into the vet 2 days later when she continued to limp, and they told us she had a bad sprain in her knee and gave her laser treatments and told us to keep her on crate rest for two weeks. After several laser treatments, hundreds of dollars spent at the vet, and two weeks spent in the crate, she wasn't better nor worse. She still limped constantly, and the vet only wanted us to keep her crated longer. Very sad and hard thing to do to a puppy who wants nothing more than to run and play. Fearing the worst (missed cruciate ligament tear, maybe a fracture?), I did a ton of research on my own. I came across a lot of anecdotal evidence suggesting glucosamine supplements could be the answer to injured legs. Especially in giant breeds, such as Great Danes, that grow at a rapid pace and have a lot of stress on their legs as it is. I didn't hesitate to find a supplement and purchase it. I chose this particular product because of the great reviews and the amount that came in the bottle.After 3 consecutive weeks of limping with absolutely NO improvement despite laser therapy and crate rest, it took only 3 days on this supplement for her to bear weight on the leg again. Just over one week on it, and she completely stopped limping. She walked a little funny for the following week, and now you'd never guess she had any issue to begin with. She is 100% better and we keep her on this supplement for preventative measures. I'm so thankful for these supplements. I fully believe they saved our baby's leg.


    This product gave new life back to my 5 year old Dutch Shepherd! Now he runs like a deer and can stay up with my 30 pound terrier! He could never do that before. His joints are no longer stiff and he isn't slow or acting careful while running anymore. I could tell he was having joint pains and some stiffness. Cosequin has given him a new ticket on life. Now I have a 96 pound puppy! If your dog is slowing down, having more difficulty climbing stairs, not as lively, has arthritis, etc. GET THIS PRODUCT! It works.

    It works on my 11yr old shepherd

    My 11 yr old shepherd started getting stiff after laying on the floor and then would limp badly when he walked after laying. After 5 days he got up with more ease and he has only a very slight limp ... hardly noticeable.

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