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250ml Glass Essential Oil Diffuser

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  • ALL IN ONE FUNCTION: This essential oil diffuser can last for 9 hours with a water tank capacity of 250ml; 4-time setting modes: Auto,1H, 3Hs, 6Hs; Waterless Auto-off function and ultrasonic technology make it runs really quietly. 
  • EASY AND SAFE TO USE & GREAT MIST OUTPUT: The essential oil diffuser is BPA-free, good quality, and very durable. The diffuser with a 250ml capacity can work for many hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Yen Young
It works and it's beautiful

I absolutely love my new duffuser. What I love most besides the obvious gorgeous appearance, is the fact that it shuts itself off after a while. The amount of mist that comes out can be adjusted as well. And now for the look, pretty awesome as you can see from the vid. The only thing I didn't like is that it didn't come with at least one bottle of starter essential oil. Other than that, I recommended it.

More colors, please!

I need more colors in this! The ambiance and glow are so pretty. It looks expensive and is much quieter to the diffuser I had before. It was really easy to set up, it took about two minutes.It has cool light or warm light, which is a cool feature. It’s so pretty in my bedroom, it could really just be fore decoration and it’s be worth the money. It looks like a Hubble photo!

Gorgeous and affordable

Since quarantine hit, I have really been missing my diffuser I had in my office at work, so I got this one for at home, and it fits perfectly where I have it on my desk. I love the different time settings and it lasts a lot longer if you set it on auto. The colors are super pretty to cycle through, but I love that I can select a specific color if I want to. Perfect size without being obnoxious. Highly recommended.

R. Solomon
Beautiful and works great!

A beautiful addition to my family room. Illuminates while diffusing essential oil scents. Very pleasant to look at and at the same time adding health benefits to the air. The instructions could have been a bit more clear, but it was not too hard to figure out. I think this would also make a great night light for a kid's room.

Gorgeous Magical Color Display

This is my second purchase of this oil diffuser ball. Most of the time I leave it empty and simply enjoy the incredible magical revolving light display. This is my second purchase of this ball - I broke the first one and was heartbroken. You will not be disappointed in the display - I still do not know HOW they actually accomplish the light changes - it is simply magical ! The oil diffuser is nice too but in my mind the light display is the overwhelming selling point of this product. Try it - you'll like it !

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