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Orthopedic Dog Bed - Medium - Grey

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    • VERSATILE SOFA BED: Our Pet Sofa Beds give your furry babies a cozy space to relax and rest, like in rooms, crates, or even on cars - Ideal for small/medium dogs or multiple cats to have their own sofa bed without taking over your bed, couch, chair or furniture - Creamy and Grey contrasting design seamlessly blends in any home decor.
    • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Made from faux linen fabric, the outer cover doesn't stain, stick to fur/hair or easily absorb liquid (urine, vomit, drool) - Soft micro-sherpa sleeping surface (17.5x18) is roomy for your pal to sprawl out comfortably and snuggle in - 2.5" thick memory foam base and arm stuffing (microfiber) are moderately firm to feel like a real sofa.
    • SMART BED DESIGN: 3-sided pillow-like bolsters fit all your pets sleep positions to lay their heads on and is detachable for washing - 3-sided zipper on the outer cover makes it easier to remove or put together - Separate water-resistant liner (for the base) protects memory foam from any accidents - Non-slip bottom with rubber bits stays put on floors.
    • MADE FOR COMFORT: Memory foam dog bed provides the perfect amount of softness and support (doesn't go flat) and helps to soothe the aching joints of puppies (up to 50 lbs.) with growing bones and seniors with arthritis - Fluffy cloud sherpa interior with a built-in entry dip and wrap-around gusset makes it the perfect nesting spot for pets of all ages.
    • EASY TO CLEAN: Remove the outside cover to the foam bed. There's a 3-sided zipper on the sides that you can use to get the foam out. Machine wash the outer cover separately and tumble dry low.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Great bed, came back to order another one.

    Love this so far. We just got it today. We ordered it for my mini dachshund who is older and sometimes messes his bed. I needed something that could be washed easily.At first I was bummed because the edges were built in, but after looking under I could see where I could unzip them and they would come out too. I can even unzip the inside part and change the stuffing!I also have a dog who refuses to sleep in a bed. We’ve bought her many and finally gave up. But now she won’t get out of her brothers bed so I came back on to order her a bigger one!

    Perfect bed for my senior pup

    Our little boy is 18 and lately having a hard time using his back legs. They become stiff at times which makes it super difficult for him to get into his bed. I looked everywhere trying to find the right bed that wasn’t too fluffy or high in the front so his back legs could get over it. With him getting older there are times he will pee in his bed and then I have to wash the WHOLE bed which tends to be a pain or difficult to fit in the machine.I saw this bed and purchased it. It came all rolled up in packaging so I had to let them breathe and also the memory foam to get its shape. It was easy to put together. I snuck it on the floor in my pups usually place to sleep and watched him get in his bed with ease! He didn’t struggle trying to get his back legs over the hump. It made me so happy! He’s had this bed for over a week and it’s made life easier for him and we can now be at peace leaving him home while we run errands and him not ending up on the floor. ALSO...we usually take him out at night to empty his bladder. He can’t take himself down the stairs anymore :( We were both so exhausted that we took him out a tad earlier than 10pm so we can go to bed. In the morning he wet the bed. I did stick a pee pad inside the casing and on top of the memory foam “just in case”. I checked and the pee pad was dry. It was so much easier to place just the outer cover in the wash and when done then zip the memory foam back in.Thank you for making our sweet old boy happier!

    Dog loves!

    I just received this bed about a month ago. I plan on updating the review once it's been used more and washed. This review is for my current impression of the bed. Quality is great for the price. A lot of people complained in reviews that the memory foam wasn't true memory foam but honestly, if you want a true, super soft memory foam bed you're going to pay a lot more than this. I believe the memory foam is adequately soft for my two year old Corgi. I purchased the gray in large and it's a perfect size for him. He's about 35lbs. The bolsters weren't as large as my last one but that doesn't seem to matter to him so far. The lining is a fleece style, like a sherpa and very soft. So far I've been able to vacuum it and although the hair sticks to the material, vacuuming has helped. The non skid bottom helps it from sliding across the floor which is nice (hopefully will hold up during wash, as sometimes the skid "dots" start to come off). I love the color, almost a heather type gray. Even the label was a nice faux leather label with attractive stitching. It was very easy to assemble and I didn't have to wait all day for it to reach it's full size once I unpacked it. Mine had no smell to it that I noticed (and I'm sensitive to smells). I definitely recommend this bed if you're looking for an attractive bed that's comfy and a reasonable price.

    Our dog LOVES this bed

    After a month of packing up, moving across country, and unpacking our dog has been so nervous she's been sleeping between us or in bed with us. That is, until we bought her this dog bed. One of the Air bnb's we stayed in had one of these and she spent most of her days on it so when we arrived at our new place we ordered her one and she now opts to sleep on this bed instead of with us. She isn't tough on beds except for some digging so we expect it to hold up, the top is nice and soft and the foam is sturdy and supportive - we can stand on it and not feel the ground.One thing to note is you really do have to take it out, fluff it up and work it a bit and have to leave it for about 24 hours for it to fully reshape, we almost didn't do this but it paid off. We've been so pleased with it we are going to order another for another room in our house.For reference our dog is about 36lbs, a Shiba/German Shepherd mix and we got the large (really I think she's between a medium and a large but we're glad we went with this size)

    Great value for comfy, cozy dog bed

    We ordered several beds, and this one was the best value for comfort and budget. The cozy fleece is good, particularly for warmer months and the cover is washable. The soft mattress is perfectly good for pets and our dog was eager to transition to this bed from her smaller one. It looks nice in the kitchen too! Everyone is happy!

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