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1080P Pet Camera with 2-Way Audio

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    • 1080P PAN, TILT, ZOOM WI-FI CAMERA Live streaming 1080p @30fps video and 2-way audio. Remotely pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) from the app or set it to auto-track and detect humans in AI mode. Built-in hardware-based AI chipset with human detection function (does not rely on the cloud). Records to microSD, Amcrest NVR, 3rd party software using RTSP, Blue Iris, and optional Amcrest Smart Home Cloud remote video storage (includes 1-Year Free Cloud Storage plan). Extra-wide 93 viewing angle
    • BABY MONITOR SOUND ALARM MODE, SHARING & ALEXA - Turn your Amcrest Smart Home camera into an adjustable VOX audio monitor to listen, view, and be notified based on adjustable sound thresholds (such as baby crying, or a dog barking decibel levels). You can enable this mode directly from the live-view screen of the app. Works perfectly as a baby monitor or pet/dog camera and can be shared with multiple family members so everyone can have access to the live video and recordings. Works with Alexa.
    • AI CHIPSET & HUMAN DETECTION This is our most technologically advanced, smallest form factor, and best low light 1080p camera yet. Unlike our competitors, our AI/human detection algo is built-in directly on the chipset (hardware ASIC) and thus doesn't require a cloud access subscription to operate. The ASH21 features Smart Tracking allows the camera to track objects in motion. When enabled the camera will begin to automatically record and follow the object in motion.
    • INTELLIGENT ALERTS, STORAGE OPTIONS Receive motion alerts via email or push notification & instantly review recordings directly from your phone using the Amcrest Smart Home app. Human detection filtering reduces false alerts. Store your footage remotely on the Amcrest Smart Home Cloud or locally to a class 10 MicroSD card up to 256GB. Also compatible with Amcrest NVRs and 3rd party software through SDK integration. (Limited compatibility w/ Amcrest View Pro, not compatible w/ Amcrest Cloud).
    • SEE IN THE DARK - SIMPLE, RELIABLE, SECURE Night vision capability up to 33 feet in absolute darkness. Wi-Fi products depend on the capability of your network. This camera is only compatible with 2.4GHz networks and does not work with 5Ghz Networks. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Best indoor security wifi camera

    I've tried quite a few security cameras, but this one seems to be one of the best in features for this price range. I liked the way it notifies of any motion detection plus it had capability of detecting a human movement also. The night vision is superb. I tried night vision during zero light and it took great pictures. The only thing I think can be improved is number of notifications, i.e. if it can either detect the person and not send notification for the known ones or if there is an option to limit the notifications for a certain amount of time, then it would be great.

    Andrew Blasiman
    Absolutely Incredible Night Vision - Easy to Setup and view from Phone

    It's been a long time since a product absolutely impressed me to the point of being excited to leave feedback. This SmartHome WiFi camera is one of them. As soon as I took it out of the well packaged box, I could tell that it was built with quality. The instructions for setting it up are simple. All you have to do is plug it in and then install the Amcrest Smart Home app on your phone. Once you go into setup, it has you scan (take a picture) of a barcode on the bottom of the camera and then it steps you through connecting your new camera to WiFi. The process worked seamlessly. When the camera successfully connected to WiFi, the camera actually gave me an audible voice confirmation that everything was connected.I placed the camera in our 2 and a half year old twins room to put this camera through its paces. To be honest, I was blown away by the picture quality. Check out the picture that I uploaded for proof. The pic was taken while that room was pitch black with no night light on. I can easily see my kids moving in crystal clear high definition. There is no jerkiness to the video at all. It just plays back smoothly with about a half second delay.The other fantastic thing about this camera is that you don't need your phone to be connected to your home network to view the camera feed. One way I was thinking about using this feature is when I go on vacation. I can place this camera in the basement and point it towards the sump pump to ensure that there are no water problems. Nothing worse than coming home to a flooded basement! If something happens, I can call a neighbor to help out while we are gone.The Pan Tilt Zoom features work very well too. I had no issues moving the camera around to change my view of the room. Also, the phone software has a killer feature called "Baby Monitor" that lets you manually specify a noise threshold in the room before it triggers an alert. What I like about this is that we have a sound machine to help the babies sleep at night. With a normal baby monitor, that extra noise would trip the system and make it on all the time. With this, I can just set the alarm level to be higher than the ambient noise to reduce all false positive. It works fantastically! I've uploaded a pic that shows this feature.All in all, I couldn't be more happy with this purchase. The camera works extremely well and the price on it is fantastic for what you get. I highly recommend this particular model if you need something reliable with killer picture quality that connects to your WiFi network.

    Erik G.
    Good Multi Purpose WiFi Camera

    If you're looking for a great "multipurpose" WiFi camera this is it. We looked at various "Baby Monitor" cameras and came up empty with high price tags and nobody too thrilled about it. To see that this one had a built-in functionality that combines with an app for existing smart phones intrigued us. It's now our primary baby cam and has some great notifications if the baby starts to stir. Night vision and picture is much better than any of the Baby Monitors we checked out on and tbh you can't beat the price. In a few years planning on repurposing this as a monitor camera for our front porch area (indoor), this is actually where I tested it initially. It worked quite well. Easy to setup, app works good, it has some concern/options for your privacy, so that made me feel better.Pro-Tip: If you get the EERO you can setup your IOT to a restricted network to where it's not able to mess with your other equipment such as a private laptop. If you don't have EERO you should look into having a separate router handle your IOT stuff, to insure privacy across the board.

    Jamie S.
    Best monitor I've used so far and great quality for price

    I purchased the baby monitor from and received it very quickly, approx 9 days ago. I have to say, I give this camera a resounding 9/10 rating. I have used several baby monitor cameras at this point, ranging from $25-$200 and this one is by far my favorite. I have a 16 month old child and another little one on the way, and this camera is one that we will definitely purchase more of to use with the new baby and perhaps the playroom.Pros - -Great HD Video quality, fast loading timeWorks really well with Alexa devices with a screen, fast load and great quality picture, totally replaces any need for a dedicated monitor. I have it set up so that anyone can simply say "Alexa, show me the nursery" and the picture loads in seconds.-Ability to pan camera remotely-Can view up to 4 videos at once (see attached photo)-Panning is great when camera sitting upright, get a great visual of entire room with one drawback (see below)-Can listen in on baby without video when in baby monitor mode, effectively creating an audio monitor out of your phone.Cons - -When the camera is sitting upright, I would like to see the panning ability go further down. If sitting on a table next to the crib, it is difficult to actually see in the crib because it has to sit higher in order to see above the crib rails.-When the camera is attached to the wall, it limits the panning ability to up/down. What I mean by this is if the camera is attached at a 90 degree angle, when you pan up to see across the room, you can no longer pan left and right because the top spins on an axis. I would really like to have a better view of the room when the camera is mounted, given that it has to be in order to see into the crib properly.-When away from home and off wifi (for instance, when driving) and service is not great, camera not great at loading quickly and gets stuck in the 90-99% range. Wishlist: -When opening the app, having the option to default to baby monitor mode AND-When in baby monitor mode, having the ability to save the squelch and alarm lines and have them cached for next useOverall, I love this camera. I will definitely buy more of these based on its compatibility with Alexa and great quality HD video. Disclaimer, I did not travel with this camera, so I don't know how easily it connects when on different wifis, but setup on home Wifi was very easy.

    Jonathan Schneiter
    Easy peezy setup and great quality

    This is a powerful tiny camera. It has a unique design which at first wasn't keen on. Then I found the way to mount it. More in that later.The set up was super fast and easy. Using the smart app it make it a very quick setup.If you want to use the cloud that is fine but I prefer to use a microsd card. The slot is on the lens itself. You rotate the lens all the way down and the slot shows up.I have hooked up every amcrest camera I own to my Amcrest DVR, even my doorbell which uses the same smart home all. For some reason even in I give this camera a DHCP reserved IP, I can't get it recording on my dvr so I resort to the SD card which is fine.Other than that the mounting is a little weird. It come with a little metal parts you secure to the wall or ceiling. You then press the camera on and rotate to lock it to the mounting bracket you attached to the wall or ceiling. Pretty simple.For the price you defiantly couldn't get a better quality camera and from a very reputable company.

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